How To - Web Mapping Service - Add Content to ArcMap

Version 6

    In this how-to, we will establish a connection to the WeatherSentry® web mapping service (WMS) in ArcMap and add service layers to our map.


    1. Open ArcMap.
    2. Click File > Add Data > Add Basemap.
    3. Select a basemap from the list of options and click Add. We recommend the Light Gray Canvas.
    4. To add WMS layers to our basemap, we will first need to connect to the WMS server. Begin this process by selecting File > Add Data > Add Data.
    5. On the Add Data dialog, select GIS Servers from the drop-down list of options.
    6. Select Add WMS Server and click Add.
    7. Type as the URL value.
    8. Click getlayers.png to open the GIS Server Connection dialog.
    9. Type your User Name and Password, and click OK.
    10. Once authenticated, the list of layers that will be available to your ArcMap session will populate the Add WMS Server dialog. Click OK to close the dialog.
    11. The Add Data dialog will now have the new server. Select the new connection and click Add to open it.
    12. Select the WeatherSentry Geospatial Web Services item and click Add.
    13. In ArcMap, click the List by Source listbysource.png button in the Table of Contents pane.
    14. Enable the layers you want to display on your map. Ensure you have all of the checkboxes in the path checked (in the example below, to see US Radar - 90 Minutes Ago, you also need to check United States Radar, Radar, WeatherSentry Geospatial Web Services, and WeatherSentry Geospatial Web Services).

      Note: You cannot display more than twelve layers on your map, or you will get the following error. Close layers until ArcMap no longer displays this error.

    15. Your map will display the layers you enable.