FAQ - WeatherSentry® Web Mapping Service (WMS)

Version 7

    What libraries can I use to access the service?

    In general, any library supporting OGC Web Mapping Server version 1.3.0 should work with the service. Also note that the HTTP requests must follow HTTP Basic or HTTP Digest authentication standards. If your library doesn't have built in support for this you may need to create a proxy.



    Why do my arrows, numbers, or other point symbologies get stretched when I view the image?

    It may be due to client side software re-projecting the image. If you take an image that contains non-spatial data like values of a point in its original projection, then re-project it into another, the process looks at the numbers as spatial areas and stretches them. Another way to think about this is that symbologies are not geo-spatial data.



    Why can't I proxy WMS weather layers in ArcGIS for Server?

    Online ESRI documentation (see this, for example) warns against using web services (e.g. WMS) within ArcGIS Server, because it can have negative affects on performance.


    At ArcGIS 10.1, map document (mxd) files are used to publish map services by creating map service definition files (msd). Unfortunately, WMS layers are no longer supported in map service definition (msd) files (see this, for example). As a result, authenticated weather WMS layers can not be proxied by ArcGIS Server at ArcGIS 10.1.


    At ArcGIS 10.0 and 9.3.1, map document (mxd) files created in ArcMap can be used to create map services in ArcGIS Server in lieu of map service definition files. However, map service creation fails in ArcGIS Server when an attempt is made to create a map service with a map document that contain secure (password-protected) layers. We are investigating whether a WMS proxy using embedded credentials can be used by ArcGIS Server to access authenticated weather WMS layers at ArcGIS 10.0 and 9.3.1.



    Is Tiling supported?

    Tiling is not currently supported in the product. Making tiling requests will increase the transaction usage of the service as well as every tile will contain our logo.



    How will I know when to request an update for a layer?

    Currently the client needs to be aware of the layer and how often the data updates. We currently do not support a Time To Live (TTL) header for the layer requested.


    How do I use the TIME parameter on time-enabled layers (e.g. LIghtning, Radar)


    The parameter is:



    Times follow the general format:




    For example, the following is asking for worldwide lightning for November 29: