Solution - ArcFM - Duplicate Stored Display Names in Stored Display Tables

Version 4



    Stored displays with duplicate values in the NAME column exist in the MM_STORED_DISPLAYS or MM_SYSTEM_STORED_DISPLAYS tables. This could result in the wrong stored display being loaded when it is selected in the stored displays list.




    It is not possible to save a stored display with the same name as an existing stored display in ArcMap, so the duplicate name was possibly created by direct SQL edits to the stored display table or some other external process. There are also no known bugs that allow stored displays with duplicate names to be created.




    This can be resolved by using SQL statements to change the NAME of one of the duplicate stored displays, loading each for review in ArcMap, and deleting the unnecessary duplicate. Follow these steps to remove one of the duplicate stored displays:


    1. Using a SQL tool appropriate for the SQL Server or Oracle database, query for the duplicate NAME: ( In this example the duplicate name is "test1")


    select * from MM_STORED_DISPLAYS where NAME = 'test1'


    Query results:



    2. Change the NAME of one of the stored displays using its OBJECTID:


    update MM_STORED_DISPLAYS set NAME = 'test2' where OBJECTID = 9626


    3. Start ArcMap.

    4. Select Customize > Toolbars > ArcFM Stored Items Classic.

    5. Select the Stored Displays dropdown list. User stored displays will be at the bottom of the list.

    6. Load each stored display and review its contents.

    7. Delete the unnecessary stored display in the Stored Items Manager.

    8. If the stored display that was kept has the name that was changed, rename it back to the correct name in the Stored Items Manager.