Behavior - Responder - Setting Default values in Responder

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    Responder has multiple fields that expect values in them to fully calculate the outages. Although the core Responder software sets default values for the fields it populates, some integrations of Responder do not. This increases the chances of NULL values in the database and in display problems. Below are steps to force default values into fields you would like populated.




    This can be accomplished in a few different ways. The first one is integration, such as an IVR, which be recoded to send a default value into the dataset.


    A second option is to add default values into the Responder schema files. The schema files are the databaseschemaconfig.xml and the archiveschemaconfig.xml files located in the Responder Server folders. Each record entry for the table descriptions can accept a default tag in which Responder will set the value if it is not provided by the data submission.


    2015-06-26 13_25_49-DatabaseSchemaConfig.xml_ - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator).jpg


    A third option involves setting the default value of your choice using Oracle or SQL Server tools. The steps may vary depending on the version and tools available. You should check with your DBA to determine the complete method to ensure success of this option.


    2015-06-26 13_33_46-W7USFYV37R1L_SQLEXPRESS.gis - dbo.RX_CALLS - Microsoft SQL Server Management Stu.jpg


    Please contact Schneider Customer Service if you have questions about a field value or have troubles with these steps.