How-To - ArcFM -  Identify the ArcFM Database Version

Version 7



    An ArcFM geodatabase is built on top of an ArcGIS SDE geodatabase. The SDE geodatabase version can be identified by looking at the SDE_versions table. The ArcFM geodatabase version can be identified as follows:


    1. In ArcCatalog, connect to the SDE database and select the connection.


    2. On the main menu bar, select Customize > VBA Macros > Macros.


    3. Type in a name for the Macro and click Create.


    4. In the Microsoft Visual Basic dialog, select Tools > References. In the References - Normal dialog, check the boxes for the following libraries:

    Miner & Miner 10.0 Framework Object Library

    Miner & Miner 10.0 Desktop Object Library

    Miner & Miner 10.0 Geodatabase Object Library


    Click OK to exit the References dialog.


    5. Copy and paste the following Visual Basic code into the Normal.gxt window. Click the Continue (green arrow) button to execute.

    Public Sub GetVersion()


       Dim pGxApp As IGxApplication

       Set pGxApp = Application

       If pGxApp Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

       Dim pGxObject As IGxObject

       Set pGxObject = pGxApp.SelectedObject

       If pGxObject Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

       If Not TypeOf pGxObject Is IGxDatabase Then Exit Sub

       Dim pGxDatabase As IGxDatabase

       Set pGxDatabase = pGxObject

       Dim pSourceWS As IWorkspace

       Set pSourceWS = pGxDatabase.Workspace

       If pSourceWS Is Nothing Then Exit Sub


    Dim pPersistInfo As IMMPersistInfo

    Set pPersistInfo = New MMPersistInfo

    pPersistInfo.OpenWorkspace pSourceWS, "MMDBVersion", True

    MsgBox "Version: " & pPersistInfo.GetAttribute("MMDBBuildNumber")


    End Sub





    6. An ArcCatalog window displays and specifies the version of the database.  In the example below, a build version of 588 indicates that the database is at ArcFM version 10.2.1.


    Click OK to exit.


    The version builds are as follows:


    VersionBuild Number
    10.2.1d SP14236
    10.2.1c SP23541
    10.2.1c SP13445
    10.2.1b SP32624
    10.2.1b SP22433
    10.2.1b SP12251
    10.2.1a SP11527