Responder 10.2.1 Patch #654 Released

Version 2

    All Responder patch installers are cumulative and include all of the previous patches released for Responder at this release. Below are the most recent updates to the Responder 10.2.1 product.


    Note that the Responder Windows Services will be set to Automatic startup type by installation or uninstallation of this patch and may need to be modified after installation.  These can include the Responder Windows Service, Responder Query Services, and Responder Telemetry.


    Warning: Customizations that work with custom user inputs may need to be recompiled after applying this patch.




    • Archive layout will load correctly load after initiating queries.
    • No longer receiving out of memory exceptions on data services with large data.
    • Build from History queries from Incident time created make sure it is populated.
    • Consolidate tool can now gives the option of moving loadpoint time of outage by phase.
    • Windows Service shutdown will now be handled asynchronously for faster and more reliable shutdown.

    Bug Fixes:

    • MM55021 - Layout file not loading correctly after initiating a query in Archive (#654)
    • MM55154 - Multiple incidents refuse to archive (#654)
    • MM54938 -  Build from History Tool Should be an Equal Opportunity Employer of All Services (#654)
    • MM55217 - OutOfMemoryException on large data (#654)
    • MM55157 - Archive memory limits leaving calls behind when archived (#654)
    • MM54584 - Consolidation of earlier devices, from X phase, pushes the earlier outage time to the upstream XY device, including phase Y


    Recommended Users:

    • Any user on Responder 10.2.1 would benefit from this patch.