How-To - ArcFM - Export ArcFM Properties from an SDE Database for Import into a Personal/File Geodatabase

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    Occassionally, organizations need to create a personal geodatabase version of their enterprise database. This is the case when implementing replication, which requires the creation of Backdrop.mdb. To duplicate the necessary ArcFM configuration, the ArcFM XML Import and ArcFM XML Export functions are used. These functions can be seen by right-clicking the database name.


    Tables in an enterprise database are prefixed with database and schema information, whereas tables in a personal geodatabase are not. For example, in a personal geodatabase a primary overhead line will be listed as PrimaryOHLine. In an SQL Server environment, clients may have a database named GISDB and a schema named SDE, so the feature class will be listed as GISDB.SDE.PrimaryOHLine.


    When running ArcFM XML Export from an SDE geodatabase, database and schema prefixes will be appended. If a user tries to run ArcFM XML Import into a personal geodatabase using an XML file that was exported from an SDE geodatabase, all properties may not be properly imported since tables in the personal geodatabase are not prefixed. The XML file lists the table as GISDB.SDE.PrimaryOHLine, while the table is PrimaryOHLine in the personal geodatabase.


    The XML file will need to be modified to remove database and schema information. Modification can be performed with style sheets that are found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin\Style Sheets. The style sheet of interest is replace.xsl.


    1. Open the replace.xsl file and modify the String to replace section, per below:


    This style sheet will find tables with the GISDB.SDE. prefix and replace them with blanks, essentially removing database and schema information.



    2. In ArcCatalog, right-click the personal geodatabase name and select ArcFM XML Export. In the ArcFM XML Export dialog, check the box for Apply Style Sheet and navigate to the .xsl file from Step 1. The XML file will now be properly modified and all ArcFM configuration will be imported into the SDE database.





    Exporting ArcFM properties from a personal geodatabase into an SDE database follows a similar process. Please refer to: How-To - ArcFM - Export ArcFM Properties from a Personal/File Geodatabase for Import into an SDE Database


    Further information on other XML Style Sheets can be found here: