Solution - ArcFM - Trying to locate a record using the ArcFM Locator fails when using a date field

Version 1


    On an Oracle-based database, you attempt to use the ArcFM locator to find a feature based on a date field:


    However, when searching, it returns the following error:


    Error text: An error was returned from the search.  Please ensure that the search criteria is valid.



    To determine how to build the query, the ArcFM locator needs to figure out whether or not we are using Oracle or SQL Server.  The way that we do this for the ArcFM Locator is to look at the "Database" field in the connection properties.  If this field is populated, it assumes that it is a SQL Server connection. 


    Ensure that the "Database" field in the connection properties in ArcCatalog is not populated.  This should only be an issue at 10.0 versions and earlier, as 10.1 database connections do not allow you to populate a "database" field for Oracle connections.