Solution - ArcFM - When Running Trace All Feeders a Message Appears Saying That it is Already Running

Version 4


    When running Trace All Feeders, you receive the following error message:


    Text: An instance of trace all feeders (started by user x on machine y, on m/d/y at time) is currently running, or was prematurely stopped.  Do you wish to proceed?



    Trace All Feeders, while it is running, creates an entry in the MM_SYSTEM_PERSIST_INFO table. This entry has a "Treename" equal to the name of your electric geometric network. For example, if your geometric network was called "ElecGeomNetwork", there would be an entry in MM_SYSTEM_PERSIST_INFO with a name of "ElecGeomNetwork".  Trace all feeders sets some flags in the blob on that row, including whether or not it is running.  Sometimes, if Trace All Feeders fails in the middle, or if there is a glitch in finishing, it may leave behind that row, causing you to keep getting this message.



    Note - this may clear out and reset some Feeder Manager settings.  Before you do the below steps, note which settings you have set under the 2 different Feeder Manager settings dialogs: "Configure Feeder Manager" and "Settings."  To view these, right-click the Geometric Network.  "Configure Feeder Manager is in the first right-click menu, and "Settings" is under the "Feeder Manager" set of commands.


    To resolve the error message, first backup the MM_SYSTEM_PERSIST_INFO table, then simply delete the row that has the same Treename as your geometric network. ArcFM will later regenerate it if necessary, but it will clear the flag that says that Trace all Feeders is currently running and it will stop you from getting the error message.


    After deleting the entry, go back and restore your desired Feeder Manager settings.