Solution - ArcFM - Setting snapping settings fails

Version 1


    When trying to set snapping settings, the settings do not save and you receive the following error in the event log:


    ERROR  [(null)] - ArcFM Snapping Manager: modSnapEnv.AddRowandUpdate: Invalid column value [Feature_class] Error at line: 136 - Build: 10.20.265 {log4net:HostName=Lake, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}



    It's possible that your feature class name is too long to be stored in the MM_SNAPPING table.  The MM_SNAPPING fields "Feature_class" and "Snap_To_feature_class" have a default length of 50. If this is shorter than some of the feature names (if you have a feature class with a fully qualified name longer than 50 characters) you will see this error.



    You can set the field length on the MM_SNAPPING table to a longer value (like 100).  You can do this through your database provider or through ArcCatalog through the ESRI settings.