Sample - Multifeed Warning

Version 2

    Versions: 10.2.1a - current

    Product Availability: ArcFM with Feeder Manager 2.0

    This project sample shows how to track when users create multifeed conditions in Feeder Manager (FM) 2.0.


    How to implement:

    1. Open MultifeedWarning.sln and connect any broken references.     
    2. Build the solution.
    3. Ensure the MultifeedWarning.dll has been built into the project's \obj\x86\Debug folder.
    4. Copy the MultifeedWarning.dll into your Miner and Miner\FeederManager directory. Create the FeederManager (one word, Pascal case) folder if it does not already exist.
    5. Open ArcMap with an electric geometric dataset and FM 2.0 enabled.
    6. Make an edit that will cause a multifed situation for features to see warning.



    All of the files shown below are required for the project to build successfully.


    MultifeedWarning.slnVisual Studio Solution file.
    MultifeedWarning.csprojC# project file.
    FM2MultifeedWarning.csClass module for the sample.