Announcing NEW Capabilities for ArcFM

Version 25

    Increased mobility, performance, and innovative integrations



    ArcFM version 10.2.1b and beyond 

    The new ArcFM Solution is our latest GIS solution for utility and communications providers that gives you increased mobility, performance, and innovative integrations.  The latest capabilities available with version 10.2.1b include performance updates, new tools and integrations for improving visibility and work, along with more out-of-the-box flexibility and mobility.


    You told us how the ArcFM Solution could help you work better — and we listened. Its powerful functionality and new capabilities help you work smarter.

    • Up to 30 percent faster*
    • Increased mobility
    • Offline access to more data and tools for greater productivity
    • Improved systems integration for better data accuracy and sharing
    • Streamlined functions that increase efficiency


    The newest enhancements for components of the ArcFM Solution include:



    Supports the viewing, editing, mapping and management of GIS data across a business environment with configurable models and sophisticated tools.


    • Dramatically increased editing performance and reduced conflicts with other versions.
    • New tools for faster data updates in the geodatabase.
    • More robust support for enterprise data models, both inside and outside of the geodatabase.
    • Usability improvements, such as an Exit button on the login page and the ability to leverage Feeder Manager without changing integrations.
    • Increased flexibility and productivity with better support customizations that rely on feeder information changing.

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    Reduces outage duration by locating outages faster and providing data for an optimized response.


    • Option to include Schneider Electric’s Weather Services, the top-rated and most accurate real-time weather data on the market, for significantly better outage preparedness and response.
    • Improved modeling tools that enhance the accuracy of the model and how incidents may impact it.
    • More detailed tracking of outage details for more accurate regulatory reports.
    • Increased productivity through improved user functionality for dispatchers and operators, including web-accessible archived outage reports.

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    Integrates the creation of a work sketch and aggregation of required materials and labor into a single, seamless ArcFM GIS-based workflow.


    • Now up to 40 percent faster*
    • Stability improvements for graphics, editing, commissioning, and more.
    • Richer user experience with enhanced tracing tools.
    • Increased efficiency and usability in the design process with the ability to group compatible units by work function.

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    ArcFM Mobile

    Provides an accurate view of field assets for faster data collection and improved collaboration on field-oriented projects.


    • Field crews can work regardless of network connectivity, increasing productivity across the service territory and reducing reliance on expensive data plans.
    • The new ArcFM Mobile Viewer option gives crews essential map navigation and search tools at a lower subscription rate.
    • Redlining enables crews to create sketches associated with their work to share GIS corrections and other situational information.
    • Coordinators can quickly configure "follow-up work" for better collaboration between field resources and between field and office.

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    Fiber Manager

    Offers an integrated set of tools to display, manage, and analyze the fiber optic networks within a telecommunications system.


    • The focus of this release was to bolster the overall quality of Fiber Manager by streamlining its codebase.
    • In case you missed it, we released Wavepoint 1.0.3 earlier this year. Here are the improvements with the latest release:
      • A new identify tool to allow easier viewing of assets in dense environments on the map.
      • A legend so that users of the webpage can easily understand what they are seeing on the map.
      • Improved hyperlink support, to allow better access to external websites or document management systems.
      • A new measure tool, so Wavepoint users can quickly identify distances from locations to a network access point.

    Important: The Wavepoint 1.0.3 release is compatible with versions 10.2.1 and older. The soon-to-be-released Wavepoint 2.0 will support the new data model used in 10.2.1a and 10.2.1b.

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    Mark your calendars and be sure to attend the What's New - 10.2.1b Webinar on June 11th from 11:00am to 12:00pm MDT where you will learn more about new features and functionality available with this 10.2.1b release. (Sit back and  enjoy Video - What's New in 10.2.1b - Webcast - 20150611 , if you missed the live event )

    In the meantime, check out What's New in 10.2.1b?



    * as compared with 10.2


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    The ArcFM Solution is a comprehensive enterprise GIS platform used by electric, gas and water utilities and telecommunication providers to efficiently plan, design and reliably operate their infrastructure to serve their customers. With capabilities that include spatial asset management, network planning and analysis, operational awareness, field mobility and seamless integration with key enterprise systems, the Schneider Electric ArcFM Solution drives reduced operating costs and higher standards of customer service.