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    What's new in ArcFM 10.2.1b?


    At Schneider Electric, we are committed to the continual development of our solutions in order to deliver new benefits and capabilities to the industry.


    Here are just some of the enhancements that our latest version of ArcFM™ provides:


    Improved performance

    • ArcFM is up to 30 percent faster*
    • Designer is up to 40 percent faster*
    • Faster updates and increased responsiveness in Responder Explorer
    • Leverage Feeder Manager 2.0 without changing integrations

    * as compared with 10.2.


    Increased mobility

    • New ArcFM Mobile apps include offline viewing and redlining
    • High-resolution printing within the Microsoft® Silverlight® Web viewer
    • Fiber Manager now supports the WDM data model


    Enhancements to enable and improve work

    • More comprehensive search results with CU filter enhancements
    • Group compatible units by work function within Designer
    • Use jumpers in switch orders and outage restoration
    • View achieved outage reports via the Web
    • Include notes and pictures in pole loading reports
    • And more



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    Online seminar

    Target operations with weather data in your GIS


    Prepare, Respond, Recover: Integrating Weather into your GIS Solutions

    Thursday, June 18 | 11 a.m. CDT


    Use weather data to do more with your GIS. This powerful pairing can help you easily visualize weather events in real time and better determine where your network is at greatest risk for damage.


    Please join our own Matthew Zimmerman, GIS product director, and Jim Foerster, Weather product director, to discover how to use these tools to:


    • Improve damages assessments by viewing weather data over your asset layers
    • Restore service faster by prepositioning crews based on incoming storms
    • Boost customer satisfaction by reducing the number and duration of outages


    There will be a live question and answer session at the end of the presentation.


    Flexible Accessibility: Can't attend? Register and we’ll email you a link once the recorded event is available.




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    Are you making the most of your GIS?


    You've invested considerable time and money to build and maintain your GIS — but are you realizing its full potential? Here are seven ways to modernize your GIS, from experts at Esri and Schneider Electric.





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    Introducing ArcFM Mobile Viewer


    With our new ArcFM™ Mobile Viewer, you can provide your crews with offline access and full use of your maps — regardless of connectivity. Best of all, it is a flexible, easy to deploy, and cost effective way to support your map-assisted field work.


    Mobilize GIS data

    Direct your field crews to work at specific GIS-based assets or locations, while providing a real-time view of geospatial information in the field. With ArcFM Mobile Viewer you can:

    • Share asset maps using intuitive mobile apps that leverage Esri's platform
    • Ensure that your crews can easily navigate your field service territory with map tools and GPS capabilities
    • Help crews operate more efficiently with tools like address and asset search, plus asset identification


    Improve field productivity

    Eliminate paper-based practices and inaccessible, inaccurate, or unavailable data by providing your crews with the most current, accurate GIS data possible. ArcFM Mobile Viewer allows you to:

    • Eliminate downtime with offline capabilities that allow field crews to work without a network connection
    • Leverage powerful wireless communications to reduce time spent driving to the office to exchange information
    • Drastically cut training time with an intuitive interface that helps your crews put it to work faster


    Enhance mobile security

    Provide field crews with easy access to asset infrastructure data stored safely in your enterprise. ArcFM Mobile Viewer supports:

    • Provisioning your mobile users, according to your corporate security standards, through a single sign-on
    • Improved reliability by backing up your mobile data and storing it off site


    ArcFM Mobile Viewer functionality at a glance

    Intuitive native app for iPadX
    Offline mapsX
    Login using enterprise securityX
    Map tools (pan, zoom, measure)X
    GPS followX
    Address and feature searchX
    Share GIS data with field crewsX
    View GIS attributesX
    App store style deploymentX


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    Tips and tricks: Reorder your SpliceType domain

    Learn how to move your most frequently used SpliceTypes to the top of the list in your geodatabase properties. This ensures your users can find what they need faster. Here's how.


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    Join us...

    We're hosting a social during the Esri User Conference starting at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 19 in room 7 A/B. We'll also share our latest enhancements to the ArcFM solution.


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