FAQ - Responder - Explanation of the Crew Status Values in the Web Dashboard

Version 2



    How are the values in the Crew Status section calculated in Responder?


    2015-05-11 11_05_08-Responder_ Dashboard - Internet Explorer provided by Schneider Electric.jpg





    Responder only counts crews that are assigned to regions. Crews that have a region assignment of unassigned will not be included in any counts that display on the website.


    There are also several configuration points that are included in the filtering: the types of crews and crew status are included in the Dashboard.  Changes to these values will affect the outcome counts. The "% of Crews Assigned" represents the crews that have been assigned to an incident from the pool in "Available to Be Assigned," which is a query to determine who has the correct 'Status', 'Crew_Type' configured.  For example, crews that are outside the availableCrewStatusFilter and the reportedCrewAssignedCustomersTypeFilter value set in the web.config file will not be included in this count.  Since crews can be assigned to multiple incidents, this count will not go down unless the status or type is changed.


    The remaining line items represent distinct crews that are assigned to each of the incident types.  The screenshot above does not show non-electric incidents ,but they are included in the percentage count as well.  Better ways to display this information are currently in discussion.