How-To - ArcFM - Disable Mobile Packets from Getting Created in Session Manager Database

Version 1



    Schneider Electric provides a sample SessionManager.mdb for clients as a starting point to configure their workflows (ArcFM Solution Sample Data - 10.2.1a). The SessionManager.mdb database comes partially configured for mobile, meaning that whenever a session is created, XML packets will be created in the default C:\ArcFM\Sample Data\MobileSolution\WorkingDir folder. Clients not implementing a mobile solution do not need to have these packets created. This can be disabled by following these steps:


    1. Log in to SessionManager.mdb using the Process Framework Administration Tool. On the Configuration tab, remove the ProcessFrameworkEnterprise row by selecting the row and clicking Delete.
    2. On the Node Types tab, check the box for "Show filter node types."
    3. Three additional node types are displayed (AllSessionsFilter, UserSessionsFilter, and UserStatusSessionsFilter). For each of the filter node types, do the following:

    a.  Select the Create Session task in the bottom half of the window and click Properties...



    b.  In the Task Properties dialog box, remove the Create Packet subtask by clicking the left arrow button. Click OK.



      3.  Select File > Save.  Exit the Process Framework Administration Tool.