Solution - Responder - Unable to Snap to Devices with Responder Tools in ArcMap

Version 1



    Some customers have reported snapping issues for Responder tools in which the tools do not appear to be selecting anything.




    Responder assumed the first layer was the connection needed to find the required model names of RXINCIDENTFEATURE and RXINCIDENTDEVICE that it is seeking.  If another connection type was present in the Table of Contents in front of one of these features, Responder would not be able to find the features to which it can snap.




    The top layer was checked when opening the MXD or Stored Display but could be moved to any location after the map was loaded.  This can be used as a workaround if the issue is experienced.  Responder will do additional checks in 10.2.1b to ensure that it has the correct login database when looking for the feature classes.  This will allow the layers to be in any order.