What's New in 10.2.1b?

Version 29

    This page outlines what's new in the current release. If you are upgrading from more than one release prior, it is important to review all What's New pages for each release between your original release and the release to which you are upgrading.



    This page outlines the upgrade steps for various ArcFM Solution applications. These are basic required upgrades and do not include configuration for new tools.



    Migrate Custom Code

    This section provides a list of API changes for 10.2.1b. Be sure to review the API changes and perform any migration steps for releases between your original version and the one to which you are upgrading.



    • Feeder Manager (FM) 2.0 now better supports customizations that rely on feeder information changing by firing a targeted event that custom autoupdaters and other parts of the ArcFM Solution can leverage. This new event also enables editing feedback mechanisms that need to occur as edits are made to the electric network. We have updated or created the following developer samples to illustrate how to take advantage of this new feature:
    • Feeder Manager 2.0 now supports ArcFM Field Order so users have easy access to the most critical information needed to do their job.
    • The Feeder Sync Tool is now faster at updating feeder information in the geodatabase through a refined approach to finding changed features.
    • There is now an Exit button on the ArcFM Login screen so you can easily back out of unintended ArcMap opens.
    • The ArcFM Attribute Editor, ArcFM Locator, and ArcFM Identify tools now have more robust support for enterprise data models through viewing of in-memory relationships that can be setup to data, both inside and outside of the geodatabase.


    ArcFM Server

    • ArcFM Properties did not work on Related Records. Related records are now controllable via ArcFM configuration, like any other feature.



    • When a user runs the Auto Assign Work Location tool (commonly known as the Car Tool), the tool assigns CUs to work locations according to their work function.
    • Take advantage of stability improvements in Designer and Designer Express for a better user experience with graphics, editing, commissioning, and more.


    Fiber Manager

    • We've added numerous bug fixes.


    Wavepoint 1.0.3

    • The Map toolbar has been updated to provide functionality for features new to 1.0.3.
    • The new Measurement Tool provides two ways - Distance and Location - of measuring between points on the map.
    • The Legend tool provides a legend, in Wavepoint's left pane, that displays all of the features currently viewable in the map.
    • The Identify pop-up has been revamped to provide attribute information in a Selection tab in the left pane, rather than in the map on top of other features.
    • Wavepoint leverages Esri's Javascript API version 3.11.
    • This version of Wavepoint works with only 10.2.1 and prior data models.



    • Full jumper functionality is now fully integrated with planned switching and restoration orders! Planning, adding, and removing jumpers is done visually through the Switching Orders Editor and its tight integration with ArcMap.
    • Responder now consumes Weather Web Services to add weather tracking to your Responder maps. Click the wws.png icon on your Responder toolbar in ArcMap to begin your free trial.
    • When you place jumpers, Responder now makes sure you are not mistakenly energizing a ground. This update was also patched to Responder 10.2.1a.
    • The Edit Incident tool in ArcMap will no longer require disabling the region filter to access the Edit Incident box for incidents outside of a Dispatcher's assigned regions. User idea.
    • Responder Web will now visually indicate expired restoration estimates on the Customer Service tab.
    • Responder Explorer now has a Reprocess Devices option available through an incident's right-click menu that will re-calculate loadpoints. The process will create needed loadpoints and delete ones that no longer exist to resolve database errors or changes. User idea.
    • The Calls tab now shows what phases are affecting customers. User idea.
    • The Execute All button on the Switching Orders Editor is now configurable, allowing you to remove it on individual client machines. User idea.
    • You can now run a switching order report through the Switching Orders Editor main menu. User idea.
    • We enhanced the Notify Network Change tool to also call Esri Version Change. User idea.
    • You now have the option to remove the arrival time for a hazard, which also removes the need to enter a departure time. This option is useful for cases when a safety official called in the hazard, but was never onsite. User idea.
    • The Restoration Steps command is now available on incidents without devices, such as those with only non-electric features or hazards. User idea.
    • We added a new Developer Sample to exchange that illustrates how to add custom queries to define reports: Sample - Report Input.
    • We've made enhancements to the PubSub infrastructure which will allow for faster updates and increased application responsiveness.


    ArcFM Mobile

    • Field crews can work regardless of network connectivity, increasing productivity across the service territory and reducing reliance on expensive data plans.
    • The new ArcFM Mobile Viewer option gives crews essential map navigation and search tools at a lower subscription rate.
    • The map-only view gives a full screen view of the map to reduce panning and zooming for your users viewing GIS information in the field.
    • Redlining enables crews to create sketches associated with their work to share GIS corrections and other situational information.
    • Coordinators can quickly configure "follow-up work" for better collaboration between field resources and between field and office.