Solution - Responder - Unable to Open the Configuration Page in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012

Version 5



    The following error occurs when opening the Configuration page shortcut in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012:


    Error Message.png




    This error occurs when logged in as the built-in Administrator and internet shortcuts are attempting to launch in the Modern Internet Explorer browser. Due to the token system used by Microsoft, Modern apps cannot be activated with the built-in Administrator account.




    Use one of the following options to correct this issue:


    1. Create a new administrative user-level account and use it instead of the built-in Administrator account.
    2. The link will open correctly in the desktop version of Internet Explorer, so Internet Options can be configured to start every internet link in the desktop Internet Explorer instead of the Modern Internet Explorer. To configure this:

    1.  Select Internet Options in Windows Control Panel.

    2.  Select the Programs tab.

    3.  Select Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop from the Choose how you open links drop-down list.