Responder 10.2.1a Patch #1229 Released

Version 1

    All Responder patch installers are cumulative and include all of the previous patches released for Responder at this release. Below are the most recent updates to the Responder 10.2.1a product.


    Note that the Responder Windows Service and Responder Query Services will be set to Automatic startup type by installation or uninstallation of this patch.



    • This patch fixes a performance issue introduced in 10.2.1a related to evaluating grounds when incidents are created and modified.


    Bug Fixes:

    • MM53764 - Incident Already Exists Error When Doing Switching (#1229)
    • MM54731 - Grounds Submit Rule Running Slowly In Certain Data (#1229)



    Recommended Users:

    • Any user on Responder 10.2.1a would benefit from this patch.


    Installation Instructions:


    Responder 10.2.1a Patch #1229