ArcFM Solution 10.2.1a Patch #1226 released

Version 2

    New Functionality Included: This patch fixes an issue where Designer Express posted to default when configured for GDBM in certain cases. A Process Framework configuration setting named "WMSTaskCloseExpressDesign" is available and allows an administrator to specify which task they would like to be called when an ArcMap user closes an Express Design by clicking the "Close Express Design" command or by 'X'ing out of ArcMap. If this setting is not found, the "Close Express Design" task is called. To specify a custom task to be called when closing an express design, add the "WMSTaskCloseExpressDesign" configuration setting and set the value to the task name that should be run when closing an express design. The configuration "Value" must match the Task Name exactly.


    Recommended Users: All clients who use Designer Express would benefit from this patch.


    ArcFM Solution 10.2.1a Patch #1226