Solution - ArcFM - Selection Tab Attribute Editor Settings in ArcFM Options Ignored in ArcMap

Version 4



    In the Attribute Editor tab of ArcFM Options in ArcMap, if When a single feature is selected or Always is set, and Layer Ordering is set to Alphabetic order, neither setting causes the top node in the list in the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor to expand and select the first item. They are set in ArcMap by selecting Customize > ArcFM Options, then choosing the Attribute Editor tab. These settings are documented in the Resource Center: Attribute Editor Options.




    This behavior is caused by bug CLS-58151 and is present in ArcFM 10.1.1 through 10.2.1a releases.


    Work Around


    Set Layer Ordering to Drawing order. Once this is set the node will expand as expected. This bug has been fixed in ArcFM 10.2.1a SP1, 10.2.1b, 10.2.1b SP1 and later releases.