FAQ - Overhead Design Analysis - Can OHDA Designs be Shared Among Users?

Version 4



    Can the .ohda files that Overhead Design Analysis designs are saved to be shared with other users?




    It is possible to share OHDA designs among users as long as the other users have these same three OHDA standards files on their local machine:


    • MinerStructuralAnalysis_ClearanceRulesSet.xml (the vertical clearance file)
    • MinerStructuralAnalysis_PinClearances.xml (pin clearance file)
    • StandardsAndConstructionGrades.xml


    The .ohda file is a zip file containing the XML files for an OHDA design. The three files above are not included in this OHDA design file when it is saved. Among the files contained in the .ohda design file is a file named Design.xml. This XML file has sections that reference information in the three files above, so they have to be present on the local machine.


    The location of the files varies with the release of OHDA:

    • For Overhead Design Analysis 10.2.1 and earlier releases: Files must be in the ArcFM Solution\Bin folder.
    • For Overhead Design Analysis 10.2.1a and later releases: Files must be in the Assembly Library Location that is set in Assembly Creator. To view this setting, start Assembly Creator and select the Settings tab. Copy the files to the folder specified under Assembly Library Location.