Allow dispatchers to edit Call Trouble in edit incident form

Version 5



    1.) Open up ControlStylesConfig.xml in your favorite XML editor.

    2.) Search for Miner.Responder.Explorer.EditViews.IncidentEditView

          <ControlStyle Key="EditIncident_EditView" ResourceAssembly="Miner.Responder.Explorer">
                <!--incident edit view when editing an incident-->
                <Tables Key="">
                    <Table Represents="Incidents" EditView="Miner.Responder.Explorer.EditViews.IncidentEditView,Miner.Responder.Explorer">
                        <Column Represents="Trouble" Editable="false" />

    3.) Change the column that represents Trouble from false to true.

    <Column Represents="Trouble" Editable="true" />

    4.) Restart services and the client. You should now be able to edit the call trouble.



    1.) The above example is only for the EditIncident_EditView. There are 6 other places that could also be changed.

    2.) DISCLAIMER:  This is only a change for the Call Trouble field on the Incident record.  This does not affect trouble types for calls, incident origination, or incident cause.  It also will not update loadpoint counts or device statuses.