How-To - Designer - Log Design Open, Save and Close Performance Data

Version 6



    Starting with ArcFM 10.1.1, it is possible to log performance data to a log file for many of the operations that occur while opening, saving and closing a design. This data can then be used by Technical Support to diagnose performance issues associated with these operations.


    Follow these steps to log the data:


    1. Configure logging

    1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the bin folder where ArcGIS is installed, usually C:\Program Files(x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.x\bin.
    2. Rename the miner.log4net.config file to miner.log4net.config.orig.
    3. Copy the attached miner.log4net.config to this folder.
    4. By default, the log file will be named Miner.log, and will be written to C:\temp. To change the file name or path, edit miner.log4net.config, search for C:\temp, change the path or file name and save the file.


    2. Log the performance data

    1. Start ArcMap, open, save and close the design to log the performance data. (Note: It is not necessary to save the design. Open and close data will still be logged in this case.)
    2. Exit out of ArcMap.


    3. Turn off logging

    1. Rename miner.log4net.config to miner.log4net.config.logging, or delete it if no further logging is necessary.
    2. Rename miner.log4net.config.orig to miner.log4net.config.


    Usually the log file will be sent to Schneider Electric Technical Support for assessment, but it may be opened and scanned for operations with excessive times.