ArcFM Solution 10.2.1a Patch #1210 released

Version 1

    New Functionality Included:

    • This patch fixes an issue with ArcFM Attribute Editor where changing phase designation does not make related Normal Position fields visible. This patch also tweaks Attribute Editor so fields become editable when changes are made without having to reselect the feature.
    • This patch fixes an issue in which Fiber Manager was not calculating the full glass length in a fiber, taking into account the twist factor, which caused the Trace Report to be incorrect.
    • This patch ensures that Fiber Manager 10.2.1a installation will not prevent ArcMap's Version Manager from launching, and an exception is no longer thrown when splitting a cable with the same circuit on more than one strand.


    Recommended Users: All Clients who use ArcFM Desktop or Fiber Manager would benefit from this patch.


    ArcFM Solution 10.2.1a Patch #1210