2015 Q1 ArcFM Mobile Release Notes

Version 10

    Installation Instructions

    ArcFM Mobile App (Windows OS)

    After installing the prerequisites as detailed here:GIS - Supported Versions - ArcFM Mobile for Windows, you can begin installing the ArcFM Mobile app for Windows.

    1. Go to ArcFM Mobile Downloads.
    2. Click ArcFM Mobile Windows 7 App.
    3. When prompted, click Run. Then click Install.
    4. The installation will conclude with a Finish dialog. Click OK.

    ArcFM Mobile App (iPad)

    After installing the prerequisites as detailed here:GIS - Supported Versions - ArcFM Mobile for iPad, you can begin installing the ArcFM Mobile app for iPad.

    1. Go to ArcFM Mobile Downloads or search for ArcFM Mobile in the Apple App Store.
    2. Download the ArcFM Mobile app from the App Store.
    3. Click Install to initiate installation.
    4. The installation will finish. Tap the ArcFM Mobile Icon to open.


    ArcFM Mobile 2.1 Release - February 20, 2015

    What's New in ArcFM Mobile (iPad)

    We're happy to announce that this version provides several key additions:

    1. Orbit Mobile is now known as ArcFM Mobile.
    2. The user interface has been updated to iOS 8 style; borders have been removed and the views now work in "full screen" mode.
    3. One new role has been added: The Viewer can see maps in ArcFM Mobile, but has no access to tasks and no editing privileges. Viewers can search maps and identify features.
    4. The Layout Picker has been moved under the Settings button. Included among the layouts is a map-only layout, which expands the map to fill the entire screen. While on the map-only layout, you can view task details by clicking the View Details button.
    5. The Manage Maps features allows users to sync offline maps, check for new maps, and remove map data. These are useful when ArcFM Mobile has failed to download maps (in cases like lost connectivity or issues with your VPN), so user does not have to restart the app.
    6. The Task Details layout has changed to make tasks easier and more intuitive. Among other changes, Photos attached to a task are now accessible by tapping the Photo button.
    7. The Year field has been added to the date/time picker.


    Also, this release includes several bug fixes, plus performance and stability improvements.  Noteworthy fixes include:

    • Fixed multiple issues related to the upgrade to iOS 8.
    • Enhanced application performance and stability.


    Requirements for Disconnected Mapping

    ArcFM uses ArcGIS Server feature services (with synch enabled) to replicate map data to mobile devices. This requires ArcGIS Server 10.2.2. There are no requirements for ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcFM to use disconnected mapping in ArcFM Mobile. Ready to take your data offline? Read this startup guide from Esri.


    Known Issues

    • ArcFM Mobile client and services require Global IDs for all layers that are linked to task types.
    • Users might notice a delay in the login process if there are issues with connectivity or the VPN, which can prevent the app from communicating with map services.
    • When Autozoom is on, the app might not zoom to the operational map extent; instead it zooms to basemap extent. To correct this, turn off Autozoom and log out, then log back in again. The app should zoom to the operational map extent with no further issues.
    • There are issues when selecting large number of tasks on the map using the task selection tool. The task graphics may disappear, but you will still see tasks selected in the task list. If you wait around 15-30 seconds, you should see your selections on the map.