Solution - Designer - Work Functions of CUs Created in CU Admin Tool not Available in CU list in ArcMap CU Tab

Version 2



    A CU is only shown for a single work function in the CU tab of the ArcMap table of contents even though several other work functions were selected when the CU was created in the CU Administration tool. It also prepends the abbreviation of the work function to the favorite name.


    For example:

    When creating the CU in the CU Administration tool, Install, Remove, and Abandon are checked in the Available Work Functions list. Remove is selected from the Work Function dropdown list. Then the CU is saved.


    The CU is then added to Compatible Units in the Compatible Units tab in the ArcFM System Favorites Manager.


    In ArcMap, if Install or Abandon are selected from the Work Function dropdown list in the CU tab, the CU will not be available. It is only available when Remove is selected.




    This is due to bug MM49378 which has been fixed in ArcFM 10.1.1 and later releases. The work function should always be None (0) in the XML for the favorite when it is added to the CU favorites.



    1. Start ArcCatalog and open the ArcFM System Favorites Manager.
    2. In the Compatible Units tab, right click on the category that the CU is in and select Export. Enter a file name in the ArcFM Export to XML dialog and click Save.
    3. Edit this file and search for the CU.
    4. Change the <WORK_FUNCTION>n</WORK_FUNCTION> tag in this CU section to <WORK_FUNCTION>0</WORK_FUNCTION>.
    5. Save the file.
    6. In the ArcFM System Favorites Manager, delete the category that was exported.
    7. Right click on the parent category to import the edited file to and select Import.
    8. Browse to the edited file, select it and click Open.
    9. Restart ArcMap and check that the CU is available for all of the work functions selected when it was created.