Solution - Responder - Miner.Responder.Shared.Channels.MSMQ.MSMQServerTransportSink Error

Version 3



    The Responder Server logs the following error:


    2015-01-27 12:09:07,203 [STA Worker Thread] ERROR
    Miner.Responder.Shared.Channels.MSMQ.MSMQServerTransportSink [(null)] - Exceeded
    retry threshold id=d7853654-87fc-41c1-bdd6-2a7da4380252\264955361 attempt=50


    Miner.Responder.Shared.RetryException: Failed to acquire locks (found path).




    If Responder encounters a table lock when attempting to write to the database, it will retry the request again after a set amount of time.  This error will be thrown if it has exceeded the configured amount of retries without being able to write to the database.  In the example above, the request failed to write to the database in 50 attempts and eventually stopped trying to process the request.  An error about a SQL timeout is also returned to the Responder client that requested this request.




    Responder has the option to configure the amount of attempts for requests.  The Responder.DataServices.exe.config file has the following section that can be configured.


    2015-01-27 10_37_15-Miner.Responder.DataServices.exe.config - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator.jpg


    Increasing these values will allow Responder to keep trying at the cost of the client appearing non-responsive for the retries.  Additional evaluation of the database to alleviate table locking is recommended.