Speeding Up Stop Editing in Feeder Manager 2.0 When Not Saving Edits

Version 2

    Feeder Manager 2.0 keeps a list of feeder sources in memory. This memory could become corrupt if ArcFM did not account for possible user edits to those sources when the user quits an edit session but does not save. For most implementations, Feeder Manager 2.0's process of creating a snapshot copy of the state of the list of sources to use if a user quits editing without saving is the most efficient. However, there are some cases when a re-initialization of Feeder Manager 2.0 may have performance improvements over creating a snapshot. Typically, utilities with a large number of sources and especially subsources are the best candidates to experience performance improvements with a re-initialization of Feeder Manager 2.0 versus the snapshot approach.


    You can toggle between the two states with a Windows Registry key. The best method to test your results is to try stopping editing without saving edits with the registry key set one way, then try it again with the registry key set the other way. Use a stopwatch. If there's a big difference between the two cases, then keep the setting that gives the speediest result.


    Setting the Registry Key

    You can download the attachment and double-click the file to have Feeder Manager 2.0 re-initialize in the event of quitting without saving instead of creating a snapshot.


    To set the key manually:

    1. Click the Windows Start orb.
    2. Type regedit and hit Enter.
    3. In Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Miner and Miner > ArcFM8.
    4. Right-click the Feeder Manager key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    5. Type 'DisableSnapshot' for the name. The name is case-sensitive.
    6. Right-click DisableSnapshot and select Modify to change its value: value of 0 (default) will create a snapshot, value of 1 will re-initialize Feeder Manager 2.0.