White Paper - MDM 2.0

Version 2

    Executive Summary:

    The fact that a Meter Data Management (MDM) system is the single, secure repository for the millions of data points collected by an AMI makes it the logical solution for data analytics such as validation, editing and estimation that improve the accuracy of billing information. Yet, as a single-source system of record, the MDM also is the starting point for integration of meter-read data with other enterprise systems to improve real-time efficiency of network operations and business processes.

    The MDM with meter modeling components and standardized connectivity can integrate with the utility geodatabase (GIS) and outage management system (OMS) to significantly streamline outage detection and restoration verification.


    MDM integrated with the utility supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system or distribution management system (DMS) allows comparison of information at substation/net-stations with aggregated meter data to detect potential theft or network loss during distribution. Similar aggregate comparison helps analyze power quality, identify demand trending and forecast demand. These network analysis capabilities empower accurate asset planning and the utility’s ability to meet demand without adding more capacity.


    In all of these enterprise-level functions, MDM integration with the GIS provides valuable visualization that facilitates operator and analyst identification of areas of concern or opportunity.


    The real-time network intelligence possible with such a powerful MDM solution can return substantial benefits to several utility operations and business processes — well beyond the initial-level billing accuracy improvement.