Installing Overhead Design Analysis (OHDA)

Version 2

    Installing OHDA

    You can install OHDA as a stand-alone product or as a part of the ArcFM suite of products.

    NOTE: If you want to use the new Export to OHDA tool in ArcFM, you must be on ArcFM 10.2.1a before you install OHDA 10.2.1a.


    If you are installing OHDA as a stand-alone product, keep in mind the following details:

    • You must install it on a computer that has ArcGIS installed, but does NOT have ArcFM installed.
    • You must either install and run ArcFM License Manager on the local machine, or if you are using a server to serve the License, you must use License Server 10x or higher.
    • Use the Quick Install feature to install OHDA. This installs OHDA without the ArcMap Integration or Developer Resources optional features.


    Installation Process:

    1. Double-click the setup icon. An Install Wizard will open up to guide you through each step of the process.
    2. From the first window, select either Quick Install (to automatically install the product with the default settings), or click Next.
    3. Select the location on your hard drive you want to install OHDA and click Next.
    4. Select which features you want to install, then click Install.
      • The ArcFM Overhead Design Analysis feature gives you access to all OHDA functionality. You must select this feature to install OHDA.
      • The ArcMap Integration feature adds the Export to OHDA tool to ArcFM. If you are installing OHDA as a stand-alone product, you cannot install this feature.
      • The Developer Resources feature places the assemblies, which are normally stored in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC), into the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\DotNet\Assemblies\v10.1.0.0. This is particularly useful for developers.
    5. Once OHDA has finished installing, click Finish.



    Installing OHDA version 10.2 when ArcFM is on version 10.2.1 or higher

    If you attempt to install OHDA version 10.2 when ArcFM is on version 10.2.1 or higher, you will see the following error:


    "ArcFM Overhead Design Analysis 10.2 Setup Setup has detected a newer version of ArcFM Solution Desktop already installed. Please refer to the Installation Procedures section of the Read Me."


    You cannot have an older version of OHDA with a newer version of ArcFM.


    The solution for this is either:

    • Ensure your versions of OHDA and ArcFM are the same (10.2.1, or 10.2.1a)
    • Roll back your existing ArcFM components to 10.2 to install OHDA, then upgrade back up to 10.2.1


    Our installers support the windows installer command-line option to install the patch with the initial installation.


    See Command-Line Options for more info on windows installer command-line options.



    msiexec.exe /i d:\ArcFM_Overhead_Design_Analysis1020_10.20.0.309_Release.msi PATCH=d:\ArcFM_Overhead_Design_Analysis10.21.0.575.msp