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Version 4

    Hello and Welcome


    Schneider Electric has made customer service a priority.  Our team is dedicated to making you, our customer, the priority. In this space, we will provide content geared toward notifications, updates, patches and system bulletins.  We will continue to provide restricted access to private spaces for customers on current maintenance and we are adding a space dedicated to open communication between registered clients and Schneider Electric personnel.  Pose a question, answer a question, express an opinion and let others gain from your experience with Schneider Electric eSCADA and ADMS.


    Who gets access?

    All registered users can get access to the public spaces.  These will be generally used as discussion areas where your knowledge and experience can benefit others, updates about the product and general product communications will be published.  Once you register, you will receive an invitation to the exchange, if you need access to your company's private support space, please send an e-mail to Ivan Antochiw.  You will receive a second invitation to access the group.


    Who are we?

    Ivan Antochiw leads a team of dedicated support analysts at the Houston solution center.  They are Goran Ivanovic, Xiaolei Zhang, Kenneth Zanewich, Goran Dujic y Boris Monar Their experience with the OASyS eSCADA and ADMS products will ensure prompt handling and resolution of your case.  They have a large network of project analysts, developers and systems architects to assist in more complex cases.  For software defects (bugs) we have a dedicated team of experts in our solution center in Novi Sad, Serbia.  As in Houston, they have access to a large group of developers, analysts and engineers to ensure any issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

    Combined, these teams are ready to take on the challenge of ensuring you have trouble free day to day operations.


    These pages will evolve over time as we add and edit content.  We invite you to participate, ask questions, answer questions, suggest changes and become part of the Schneider Electric exchange community.