FAQ - Infrastructure Support - Connect with Colleagues

Version 3

    exchange is changing the way we all interact. This is especially true when it comes to supporting and using the Schneider Electric Energy products including protective relays, reclosers, ION Intelligent meters, and Easergy.


    Collaboration (through Discussions)

    We acknowledge your desire to collaborate with your peers and colleagues within other utility organizations. Using exchange Discussions, you will be able to pose questions, offer advice and guidance, share experiences, and network with other organizations including Schneider Electric. Our Technical Support team engineers and analysts will be active contributors to discussions within his/her unique area of expertise in exchange.


    Search the Community

    The Search the Community section of Infrastructure Support is another great way to search all content in exchange. This intelligent search will begin suggesting relevant articles even before you finish typing your query. By default, this search encompasses the entire exchange community but can be narrowed to just our support page with a single click right in the search results. With the power of intelligent search combined with the ever-growing knowledge of an entire professional community, the possibilities are endless.


    Ask Your Peers

    The Ask Your Peers field searches for discussions and questions already asked in the community. If your question has not been asked, you can instantly post it to the community using the Ask It button.


    Follow Your Infrastructure Colleagues

    Browse the People tab to engage with a series of self-identified utility enthusiasts. Just flip anyone's card you see here, then choose Follow to add them to your professional network of utilities kin.