Brochure - Power Control System (PCS)

Version 3

    Schneider Electric's Power Control System (PCS) serves as a microgrid controller for larger utility-scale microgrids, controls power generation and load, and helps utilities to achieve the following essential objectives:

    • Improve power supply reliability by preventing frequency and flow disturbances
    • Minimize electrical power production costs
    • Reduce electric system operating costs
    • Shave peak power demand and shift power generation peaks
    • Optimize use of reserves
    • Extend equipment life
    • Improve efficiencies through short and long-term planning


    PCS includes the following advanced applications:

    • Automatic Generation Control (AGC)
    • Economic Dispatching
    • Load Shedding
    • Interchange Transaction Scheduler
    • Near, Short, Mid, and Long-term Load Forecasts
    • Renewables Forecast
    • Unit Commitment