ArcFM Solution 10.2.1 Patch #621 released

Version 1

    New Functionality Included:

    • This patch fixes an issue where Feeder Manager 2.0 joins would not work after the geodatabase was copied during ArcFM Geodatabase Replication. (#621)
    • This patch fixes an issue where the Attribute Editor title bar cannot be localized. (#621)
    • This patch fixes a issue where the Object Query Locator in ArcFM Desktop and ArcFM Viewer for Engine could say it was configured incorrectly when it was not. (#616)


    Recommended Users: Clients who use FM2 with mobile replication, localize the Attribue Editor, or use the ArcFM Object Query Locator will want this patch.


    ArcFM Solution 10.2.1 Patch #621