Brochure - Smart Grid Solutions for Making the Grid more Flexible, Efficient and Secure

Version 1

    How Schneider Electric smart grid-ready products and solutions help balance your grid equation Electricity markets are changing and becoming increasingly complex. And every day, end-users’ expectations increase in terms of reliability and quality, and they gain greater awareness of energy’s environmental impact.


    It’s an evolution. But as our reliance on electricity grows globally, the ways in which we produce, distribute, and use energy must also evolve. The solution will not only involve smarter demand, but also smarter supply - and as such, a smarter grid is at the heart of the issue.


    As The Global Specialist in Energy Management, Schneider Electric is smart grid-ready, enabling the products and solutions that support and connect the five key domains of a smarter grid:

    • Flexible distribution
    • Smart Generation
    • Demand-side management
    • Efficient homes (including electric vehicles)
    • Efficient enterprise (buildings, industrial facilities, and data centres)


    Our vision isn’t just to connect our customers to the smart grid - but to also connect them with each other, facilitating smarter interactions and leading to increased energy management capabilities through seamless system interoperability.