Brochure - ADMS DER and Microgrids

Version 1

    The presence of renewables, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and microgrids is rapidly increasing within distribution systems.  This results in the potential for problems like intermittency and variability, reverse power flow and more complex protection schemes, impact on voltage profile, increasing harmonics, as well as how to best handle microgrid islanding and reconnection operations.


    However, renewables, DER, and microgrids offer benefits to the utility, including helping to increase the margin between system load and generation capacity, satisfying regulatory requirements, and improving public perception due to the implementation of more “green” energy sources.


    Schneider Electric’s Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), especially when combined with WeatherSentry, an accurate weather forecasting system, can be used to manage, resolve problems, and increase benefits of renewables, DER, and microgrids.  ADMS helps maintain the balance needed to reliably operate a diverse supply environment in the face of dynamic changes in both demand and in the topology of the distribution network.