White Paper - Smart Alarming Management - part of an Advanced DMS

Version 1

    An electric grid alarming management system that works with real-time data is vital for optimizing network performance and safety. This system also must have the ability to finely tune alarms, to assure reliable event and condition notifications without overloading control room operators and reducing alarming effectiveness.


    Schneider Electric’s Smart Alarming Management solution works seamlessly with the Schneider Electric Advanced DMS solution to put real-time data to work in the most effective and efficient manner. The robustness of this solution is due to its application to both database and system alarms. Configurable tools enable fast and reliable identification of event severity and specific filtering, prioritization and suppression. This approach assures that operator screens communicate what is needed, when needed. Displays provide comprehensive summaries of alarm status and actions performed that add to efficiency.


    In particular, the Schneider Electric solution supports alarming management for defined areas of responsibility. Focusing on alarm capabilities at the AOR level optimizes both control and security for the network as a whole.


    Smart Alarming management makes the most of the utility’s investment in its real-time information infrastructure. Together, they provide vital and relevant network information that enables operators to respond promptly and effectively to changing network conditions.