Learn More: Outage Management System

Version 1

    Schneider Electric’s Outage Management System functionality is used for dispatching planned and unplanned work in the distribution network, including outages, hazard identification, switching steps, maintenance, and other tasks required by operations.  Schneider Electric’s OMS includes functions for call/customer data management, incident management, prediction analysis, crew management including GPS vehicle tracking, outage reporting including reliability indices (SAIFI, SAIDI, etc.), tagging for crew information and ADMS safety management, AMI integration support for last gasp, pinging, etc., and storm area display and threat analysis.

    OMS supports processing of a large number of trouble calls and incidents during high activity storm scenarios in a user-friendly, efficient and safe workflow.  OMS includes mobile functionality using the ADMS Field Client.  By providing a single environment and user experience and taking advantage of ADMS-based realtime information, an ADMS-based OMS enhances outage management with better decision support and workflows, elevating grid intelligence and the people who operate it to the next level and ultimately enhancing safety and improving quality of service.