Learn More: Field Client

Version 2

    Field Client is a web based application which provides all relevant information and workflows to empower field crews and make communications between crews and control room personnel more structured and reliable. Users have access to switching plans, incidents, and safety documents.

    Field Client provides users with easily accessible visual navigation through the network, as well as detailed information related to network devices. This information reflects the realtime state of the network.


      Whenever the crew is in an area with no connection with a server, Field Client works in offline mode. Field Client enables downloading views of interest for working in offline mode. In offline mode the user can work with documents (switching plans, incidents, and safety documents) as in online mode. Whenever the connection with server exists, Field Client will automatically update all documents assigned to the crew and all changes will be sent to the server.  Field client also simplifies crew status reporting and dispatch by the operator. It can report crew GPS position, availability and comments by the crew, as well as individual assignment status updates.