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Version 1

    Aquis will give you a better overview and improved operation. By using live SCADA data the Aquis model is transformed from a planning tool to a decision making tool, integrated in your day-to-day operations – with instant and clearly identified benefits and economic advantages. Like GPS automobile navigation, Aquis will advise you of problems in the network, no matter which turn you take.


    With Aquis you get:

    • A simple user interface
    • Complete overview
    • Improved water quality
    • Improved Customer Service
    • Measurable savings
    • A "GPS" for your waterworks


    With Aquis you can:

    • See your network in real-time
    • See past and future events
    • Plan maintenance
    • Transfer alarms to SCADA systems
    • Prevent errors
    • Define own scenarios

        Aquis is in daily operation in 1500 cities worldwide, and provides clean water to more than 100 million homes.




    Optimize your operation

    Aquis gives the operator a number of immediate benefits in terms of better overview and improved operation of the network, both from a technical viewpoint as an economic.


    Aquis is designed to improve:

    • Hydraulic performance
    • Water quality
    • Safety of operation


    While reducing:

    • Water supply costs
    • Leak risks
    • Non-revenue water
    • Customer complaints
    • Capital investment