Learn More: Gas Measurement and Analysis System

Version 1

    Enabling measurement departments to accurately and efficiently prepare for accounting processes with high performance gathering of measurement data from throughout the enterprise, verification of the data against audited performance criteria,  and correction and closure for handover to accounting.


    Gas Measurement and Analysis System (GMAS) provides the efficient and accurate means to configure devices and collect, validate, modify and reconcile your gas pipeline or network measurement data.


    With GMAS expect:


    • Comprehensive handling of mixed units, base conditions and timestamp data
    • Standard AGA, GPA, API and ISO calculations of flow rate, energy and other properties
    • Full audit trail on all transactions and adjustments
    • Physical system balancing
    • Accounting close and special handling of prior period adjustments
    • High performance bulk flow recalculations and balancing
    • Extensible validation, missing data estimation, and prediction modules