Learn More: Integrity Operation

Version 2

    A pipeline company, the public in general, and the environment benefit when a holistic approach to commodity releases is used. It’s important to take a holistic approach to leak prevention, leak detection and leak mitigation as independent and separate aspects of pipeline integrity. Schneider Electric is positioned to help companies find the right intersection between risk, cost and safety as new standards and industry initiatives becomes available.


    Schneider Electric has worked more than 30 years in assisting pipeline operating companies with software supporting pipeline integrity. Schneider Electric Integrity Operation built on the SimSuite framework, a part of our Enterprise Pipeline Management Solutions (EPLMS), brings together a suite of applications focused on making sure that the pipeline controller has the required leak prevention, detection and mitigation tools when operating the pipeline.


    Integrity Operation provides the following benefits


    • Delivers a holistic view to commodity releases with modules for prevention, detection and mitigation
    • Provides the ability to select the appropriate leak detection methodology for the specific pipeline within the same offer
    • Supports multiple leak detection methodologies under one offer including real time transient method (RTTM), balance, rupture detection, shut-in leak detection, etc.