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Version 2

    Schneider Electric Pipeline Operation, built on the SimSuite framework, provides everything needed to efficiently manage real-time operations in the control room using both non-simulation and on-line simulation-based applications. In today’s competitive transportation market, pipeline companies need to effectively and efficiently operate their pipelines in real time, while at the same time, ensuring their pipeline controllers have strong situational awareness of what is needed to be done today - that the plan for movement of product through the pipeline is being maintained, and that this information is being logged appropriately for business and regulatory needs.


    Providing comprehensive tools to maximize operational efficiency and the bottom line, Pipeline Operation, enables you to make decisions in real time for a competitive advantage that can improve every aspect of your business. Pipeline Operation neatly organizes major portions of your business into functional areas that are drawn into a powerful, centralized platform. Pipeline Operation delivers an industry-leading combination of proven functionality, flexibility, redundancy, historical record keeping, enterprise integration and assured security to ensure consistent performance.


    Key capabilities of Pipeline Operation


    • Tightly integrate with SCADA to provide a singular consistent interface between pipeline control and pipeline operation in the control room
    • Track movement and predict estimated time of arrival for products, batches, scrapers (pigs), transmix, quality and anomalies through a pipeline system
    • Calculate and display hydraulic profiles in real time (e.g. pressure, head, flow, density, viscosity, diameter) along the pipeline
    • Calculate inventory/linepack based around simple or advanced hydraulic calculations