Learn More: Pipeline Operation - Natural Gas

Version 2

    Schneider Electric Pipeline Operation – Natural Gas, a gas pipeline management software, adds gas industry operational business logic to the control room for natural gas gathering, transmission and distribution networks. From up-to-the-minute flow rate calculations and flow totals, to real-time calculation and monitoring of line pack, storage, and compressor performance, these applications provide current information to SCADA controllers in a highly available redundant environment, integrated with the power of OASyS DNA.


    Key capabilities of Pipeline Operation:


    • Data acquisition adapted for Gas Industry including Gas History, Gas Quality and related Industry Standard and specific protocols
    • Real-time metering/analysis supporting configuration of ‘Host Calculated” flow meters and gas chromatographs allowing the system to calculate corrected flow rates in volume and energy units, heating values and specific gravity on a real-time basis
    • Real-time flow totals monitoring station total flow rates, plant or other facility fuel usage, gas processing plant shrinkage, line segment inventory changes, and other operational functions.
    • Line pack monitoring allowing a segment-by-segment scan of operating pressures and temperatures along the pipeline to calculate the current line pack and pack/draft values in real time
    • Storage pool monitoring of inventories contained within storage facilities including underground caverns