exchange release: Spring 2014 Preview

Version 2

    Case Management Enhancements

    Those community members utilizing exchange for software support will benefit from our Advanced Case View, offering greater flexibility in your case management arena.  Choose to view more information -- or less -- based on the needs of your organization. And utilize the new search capability to hone in on specific cases, quickly and easily.


    (content below summarized from the generalized Jive release notes for the Jive Fall 2013 Cloud Upgrade)


    Profiles with Expertise!

    Expertise is something that we've included in profiles for quite some time, but get ready for an overhaul. Our new profiles allow you to:

    - Learn more about others from their profile than any other application.

    - Personalize your own profile with rich images.

    - Identify a user's key contributions, fast.

    - Easily locate experts, help identify skills that other users have by endorsing them for their expertise, and quickly self-identify your own skills and expertise.

    Know Your Impact

    Impact Metrics allow you to see the impact your content is having on the community. It gives you unprecedented visibility into how your content is being consumed and how, by the social actions of others, your message makes its way to a larger and larger audience.


    Mobile: New UNIVERSAL iOS native app for iPhone and iPad

    Mobile is an integral piece of our product innovation, and will continue to be at the heart of every experience we build and sell. Our new mobile functionality applies to both our enterprise customers and to our customers who use Jive for their support communities. Here's a preview of what's coming:

    We've focused on being an early mover to develop for iOS7, delivering a consumer-grade, consistent user experience whether on iPhone or iPad. This "native app" is the best solution in the market for employees to find experts and information quickly, to stay strategically aligned, and to collaborate effectively on the go.