Spring 2014: Mobile

Version 3

    For complete release notes, refer to exchange release: Spring 2014 Preview.

    (content below copied from the generalized Jive release notes for the Fall 2013 Cloud Upgrade)

    We are facing the biggest and most globally disruptive change yet: Mobile.
    Mobile is becoming a first class citizen in enterprise. Per Harris Interactive, 81% of people in the workforce use a personal mobile device for work and some group of workers only have access to mobile devices on the job, not computers. Similarly, 60% of C-suite executives access vendor websites on tablets (Forrester). Creating the right mobile products - both for collaborating inside your organization and to engage with customers and partners - can truly differentiate Jive in our highly competitive space. We understand that our mobile experience has to be held at a level that consumer apps are – beautiful design, incredible performance, and elegant experiences.

    Mobile is an integral piece of our product innovation, and will continue to be at the heart of every experience we build and sell. Our new mobile functionality applies to both our enterprise customers and to our customers who use Jive for their support communities. Here's what's coming:


      New UNIVERSAL iOS native app for iPhone and iPad - We've focused on being an early mover to develop for iOS7, delivering a consumer-grade, consistent user experience whether on iPhone or iPad. This "native app" is the best solution in the market for employees to find experts and information quickly, to stay strategically aligned, and to collaborate effectively on the go.

       Significant improvements for Mobile Web - Customers expect a branded experience on a mobile browser that matches what they see on a desktop web browser; yet on a mobile phone, they want it to be faster and more responsive. We've focused on improving the guest experience on mobile, offering a clear way to search for information and ask questions quickly without having to download an app.

       Advancements in architecture & security that drive our competitive advantage - "Bring your own device" (BYOD) has exploded in the enterprise and has proven to be a new challenge for IT to mitigate risk and comply with regulations. We've made significant improvements to security, user authentication and mobile device management to address and provide a comprehensive solution to allow IT to more effectively manage their business.

    The Product Details:


    Universal iOS Native App


    The Universal iOS native app has been purpose-built to support key use cases for both company intranet and portals -- find experts and information quickly, stay strategically aligned -- and for social productivity and collaboration -- stay on top of what matters most, collaboration with a purpose, moving from talk to action. The universality of the app allows users to have a consumer-grade, similar experience on both iPhone and iPad so they don't have to relearn how to use one or the other.


    Find Experts Quickly:

      Search (with filters on iPad)

      Explore (only in iPad)
    Stay Strategically Aligned:
      Push notifications
      Open native app from email notifications
    Stay on top of what matters most:
      Consume custom streams
    Collaboration with a purpose:
      Content creation, consumption, and editing: Blogs, Documents, Videos, Discussions, Direct Messages, Status Updates
    Moving from talk to action:
      @mention People, Content and Places
    Runs on Jive 6.0.3+


    Enhanced Mobile Web
    Guests visiting a customer service community on mobile expect some basic things -- finding answers quickly, interacting with peers, and having a consistent experience with the brand/company. All of your feedback and our research has pointed us to develop a mobile web experience that can be branded and focused on a clear call to action -- finding answers quickly -- which works directly to deflect support calls and drive down costs. Here are some key features of our enhanced mobile web offering:


    Customer Service Communities:
    Finding answers fast
      View: Blog posts, Documents, Announcements, Custom Streams, Video
      Search & Browse places
      View and mark documents as "official" (Jive 7 only)
    Peer to peer support
      @mention People
      Create and view: Status Updates, Discussions, Direct Messages
    Intuitive and familiar user experiences from any device
      Updated visual design
      Customizable logo and colors
      Configurable overview page to help new users get oriented
    Runs on



    Enterprise-Grade Architecture & Security
    We've heard concerns from our IT buyers and prospects around security, authentication and mobile device management that are critical to their success in managing the proliferation of BYOD and mobile programs. For example, we've heard from a number of our customers that IT needs to remotely disable users and wipe mobile devices of any proprietary material. In Mobile 3, we will provide administrators an easier way to remotely manage devices (even those that are personal employee devices).

    Security Overview
    Mobile 3 administrators can disable access from the native clients (iPhone, iPad, and Android)
    Upload custom push notification certificates and keys for APNS and Android Push

    User Authentication
    HTTP basic authentication
    Cookie-based SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Mobile Device Management with Best-of-Breed Partners Mobile Iron and Good Technology
    Partnering with Mobile Iron and Good Technology to provide an out of the box solution to deliver the mobile client binary (ipa or apk) for app wrapping
    Customers are responsible for distributing wrapped versions of the mobile app through their own enterprise app store.

    What's coming next:

    We are working on an all new native Android app that will be much more similar to this upcoming release of iOS. It is scheduled to come out
    in Q1 of 2014 - Stay Tuned!


    1. How does this affect the Mobile Gateway?
    The mobile gateway will go away in Jive 7 and we recommend you use the new native iOS apps when on Jive 6.0.3. Changes to access policy: If you have any ACL ( Access Control List ) rules set up on your hosted or on-prem Jive instance, you will have to change those rules so mobile phones can directly connect to your Jive instance instead of going through the gateway. We recommend that employees first log into the VPN or implement a MDM ( Good D or MobileIron ) to make mobile access more secure.

    2. What are the changes around authentication?
    In Mobile 3.0 we removed the token based authentication feature and have implemented SAML SSO on mobile. Why did we make this change? The main reason customers used the token based authentication feature was because they did not want their username / password to flow through our gateway. This should not be a concern anymore because with Mobile 3.0 you can connect directly with your Jive instance.

    3. Will the current app still work? How will users know to upgrade?
    The iPhone app that is currently in the AppStore will still be available for Jive 6.0.x users, but will not work in Jive 7. Customers on Jive 6.0.3 will see a message that it is recommended to use the new native iOS apps instead. The new Mobile 3 apps work for Jive 6.0.3+

    4. Do you now support app wrapping?
    Yes, we do! We are working with MobileIron and Good Dynamics to support app wrapping. With every update, we will release IPAs to the customer who can then use the respective companies' interface to wrap IPA so that it is secure.