Spring 2014: Profiles with Expertise!

Version 2

    For complete release notes, refer to exchange release: Spring 2014 Preview.

    (content below copied from the generalized Jive release notes for the Fall 2013 Cloud Upgrade)


    For this Release, we wanted to offer our customers not only a description of the new feature or feature area, but also some thoughts about the feature by the Product Managers here at Jive. This post was written by Curtis Gross, Sr. Product Manager heading our Profile feature and functionality.





    Profiles? Why update those?
    A profile is meant to be a summary of an individual. It's a public-facing billboard, an advertisement for what that person knows and what they have done. Jive has done a good job at allowing an admin to make profile fields to their heart's content and to present those options to a user in a basic list, 'please-fill-in-the-blanks' style. But we thought we could do better and make a profile that wasn't only beautiful and easy to use, but could increase productivity company-wide. As consumers, we're not familiar with thinking about profiles as a tool for productivity, but we at Jive saw a way to make profiles play a big part in getting work done.


    The Challenge
    The challenge with any profile is to balance between requiring users to fill out profile fields and causing users to bail on the registration process. Simply put, the longer the form, the more we require of users, the less likely they'll be to stay until the end. If you were to require a user to fill in 4-5 basic profile fields, it is likely a user will finish registration. If you require 100 fields, users will bail.


    So let's assume that someone fills in just the basics, or the admin sets up Active Directory to pre-fill some profile fields. What's the result? We get just baseline information from users. Nothing groundbreaking. Nothing very useful. A quick bio and maybe a few words on how excited they are to be working at the company. In other words, business as usual. We pushed beyond business as usual to bring you new profiles in the Fall Release.


    Big Concepts
    We were working from three Big Concepts as we built the new profiles.
      1. We don't need users to fill in their profiles. Jive as a collaboration system knows so much about each user, we can present a user with an accurate snapshot of who they are, what they are working on, what topics they are most active around, and what their expertise is. We don't need a user to actually fill in the profile; we just need users to collaborate.
      2. If we build amazing and compelling reasons for a user to be in their own profile, they are going to be more likely to update it.
      3. Co-workers will come to the profiles only if the profile is relevant. Knowing who in an organization is an expert is, say, Microsoft Excel is valuable information to include in a profile, and increases the relevancy for day-to-day work. Integrating expertise into other parts of the collaboration tool increases its value ten fold.

    The Solution
    Our new profiles allow you to:
    - Learn more about others from their profile then any other application.
    - Personalize your own profile with rich images.
    - Identify a user's key contributions, fast.
    - Easily locate experts, help identify skills that other users have by endorsing them for their expertise, and quickly self-identify your own skills and expertise. Expertise is something that Jive has had in profiles for quite some time, but get ready for an overhaul.

    Jive Profiles are a destination for you and other users.

      Take ownership of your profile. Upload bigger, better images to show off to the rest of the community.
      Gallery view for images
      Beautiful, full-screen view
      Updates flow into the community activity stream, meaning that more users will check out your profile and follow your future updates!
      And of course, if you forget to fill in your profile, we are going to make it easy for you to get started.


    Jive Profiles help you identify experts that can answer your questions

      Skills and Expertise is an expanded concept that will allow you to identify users by their expertise in the community.
      You can fill in your baseline of 'approved' skills and expertise, or just wait for other users to recommend expertise for your profile.
      Just a few clicks and you are helping the community search become better at identifying the people with the right abilities.
      As a community manager, the expertise information will help you find the right person for the job, or the right person to invite to your new group.
      Search for expertise, and invite co-workers to collaborate by expertise!



    Jive Profiles help you connect, fast
      New "connections" view shows other users that are in your "work network," which is different from a standard org chart
      Existing Org Chart has gotten a facelift

      When you view another user's profile you can see which connections you have in common with the other user. 'In Common' helps you find a common connection between you and anyone in the community. Also don't miss the org chart within your employee community.

      If you really want to pick up the phone, its pretty easy to see what timezone the person is in. No more struggling to send calendar invites!


    Jive Profiles automatically identify key information about a user based on their contributions, so you don't have to.
      New tiles show Featured Content, Popular Content, and Outcomes and Recognition. (If you have 1 minute to tell another user what you did last week, you can now go to your profile for an organizing view.) 

      The Jive profile will give anyone a snapshot of what you did, who you worked with, where you did your work -- and what other people thought of your work. Now you can get this snapshot on any person within your Jive community.




    The Result
    Get ready to experience profiles in a whole new way! No more hunting for who is the expert in LDAP, get quick access to a user's featured content and their most popular community content. If you need to locate a user, you can find which places people are spending their time directly from their profile. And of course, feel free to update your profile with some snazzy photos in the meantime.