Spring 2014: Impact Metrics

Version 6

    For complete release notes, refer to exchange release: Spring 2014 Preview.

    (content below copied from the generalized Jive release notes for the Fall 2013 Cloud Upgrade)


    Know Your Impact

    Impact Metrics allow you to see the impact your content is having on the community. It gives you unprecedented visibility into how your content is being consumed and how, by the social actions of others, your message makes its way to a larger and larger audience. You can now see Impact Metrics data for your documents, blogs, and discussions, showing you:
    Your reach, which is the percentage of people who have seen your content out of the total number of people who could see it
    Your impact, calculated by taking into account how your readers interact with your content
    Community sentiment, calculated by analyzing how your readers resonated with your content

    In the Fall Release, we've added additional features that makes Impact Metrics more relevant, more useful, and easier to use. By clicking on "View More," you can see even more detailed statistics on how your content is being consumed and shared. You can see information on how many views your content has achieved overall, how many unique viewers have seen your content, and the numbers of comments, likes, shares, and bookmarks your content has generated. You even see all of those on a timeline so you can tell when those actions happened.


    Big Concepts
    As we were building the improvements to Impact Metrics for our Fall Release, we were working from the following Big Concepts:
      1. What is measured improves. When you can see the data, you can take steps to improve the results. When you're able to share the data, you can bring context to your message and improve the reach.
      2. It's not enough to show who reads your content. You also need to know who helps spread your content.
      3. In a fast-paced work environment, you need to see how your content is traveling through your organization right now. Not a few hours from now. Right now. Knowledge is only powerful if you can act on it.

    Breaking Down The Details


    Make Your Metrics Public
    Now the author can choose to make their Impact Metrics public so others can understand how the content is being consumed. By default, all authors can see the metrics, but if it is a piece of content that has broad interest, the author can choose to share it with others.


    Track Your Data Immediately
    You are most interested in seeing how your message travels in the hours after you hit "publish," so we created an hourly view to help you understand if your content is headed in the right direction. With the new analytics service, your data is updated in real time! You can change the date range you are looking at and switch between hourly and daily views, all from the Impact Metrics screen.


    View How Many Emails Were Generated
    We have also added the ability to see how many emails have been generated by your content, giving you visibility into how your message is traveling with viewers who are receiving your content as an email outside of Jive.



    Filter by Department
    You can now stripe your data by department, allowing you to quickly and easily see which departments are absorbing your message, and which need help. Is this piece of content resonating with the marketing team? Or the engineering team? The departmental information allows you to see if you are hitting your target audience.



    Find Your Connectors
    In the first version of Impact Metrics, we tracked unique content viewers--the individuals who have read your content. But even more important than who has seen your content is who is promoting it elsewhere (either intentionally or inadvertently). The new referrers view captures who is driving new unique viewers to your content. For example, imagine Frank reads your document and comments on it. Shannon does not follow you, but follows Frank. Shannon now sees Frank's comment on your document in her stream. When she clicks to read your document, Frank is counted as having referred Shannon. If you find that Frank is consistently in your top ten referrers list, you now know that Frank is an ally in promoting a new critical piece of content. Next time you publish a piece of content, you can reach out to Frank directly to ask him to help you spread the word.


    The Result
    Every time you publish, you can understand how your content is moving inside your community. This will help you tune and promote your message, ensuring that your message is having an impact on your business.