Post Show Cityworks 2014

Version 1

      Jessica Vendegna and Sean Graebner attended the Cityworks 2014 conference (Cityworks) on May 20 & 21, 2014. For those not familiar with this product, they are an Esri-based asset and work management system that serves multiple industries and commodities like: water, utilities, local governments, airports, transportation, and more. They are sort of like an ArcFM for their space, and have a very similar history with Jack Dangermond as Jeff Meyers.  They are 100% web-based and recently moving online with Amazon. Thus far only 7 users have moved to online, which is less than they had hoped by now. 


    They put on a great opening day plenary session with lots of energy and great graphics. Jessica and Sean had the chance to meet with a lot of folks from the Cityworks team.